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Anandiben Patel Opticians is more than a shop that offers contact lenses, eyeglasses, and other eye wear. Our team of eye experts are serving the city of London since 2011. Since the beginning of our operation, we made sure that we provide the best eye care for our clients. Set your schedule today and let our optometrist treat you with the best eye service that you can experience in the city.


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A contact lens is a thin layer placed directly on the surface of the eye to help in correcting vision. They are medical appliances used by people who do not want to undergo eye surgery or wear glasses. Today, contact lenses are popular in the world not only for medical purposes but also cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. While its popularity has increased globally with over 125 million people using them globally, it is important to seek these services from licensed and credible healthcare centers. The demand of contact lenses for various reasons has led to an influx of service providers on many fronts. Although it is a good thing to customers because high supply means reduction in prices, you should be more concerned about quality of the products and services you buy, particularly when it comes to healthcare.

In the UK, there are uncountable organizations both public and private that offer contact lenses and relating services. It is increasingly becoming difficult for customers to identify a specific supplier that is credible, trustworthy and professional. The eye is a sensitive part of the body and should be treated with utmost care and expertise. Do not compromise on quality because of price; fake or low quality contact lenses can make your eyes worse. Consider our supplier of cheap contact lenses for all your optical needs, especially contact lenses. Check them at

Our company is one of the top online retailers in UK. Our products are not only affordable but also flexible depending on your finances and health needs. Besides, you do not have to worry about travelling across the state to get to our eye-care center; we offer reliable online services for people within the borders of UK. If you are without our borders, you are also welcome to use the online platform in gauging our services and order your contact lens. While we strive to deliver contact lenses to you within 24 hours of completing your order, it takes a little longer for customers outside UK. Country policies on imports and health products also attribute to the delays.

Our contact lenses are nothing but the best. We compromise on nothing to ensure all materials used in production and packaging of the products are suitable to our customers. You will attest to this once you receive a package from us. In fact, you will be shocked on how fast our delivery system is. Once you place your order and show commitment by paying, our team immediately starts processing it. We have a team of specialist and online controllers that mange the site for 24 hours. You are not restricted to time zones and working hours. Apart from convenience to our customers, flexibility in terms of time was a primary objective while developing the online system in our company.

Why Choose Us?

We value our customer hence the high quality standards set by our company. We don’t supply contact lenses from all companies; We only work with major and recognized manufacturers in the field. These are Alcon, Coopervision, Bausch & Lomb, Acuvue, and Johnson and Johnson. This is a guarantee of quality and reliability of our supplies. We do not want you to receive an undesired product and you have to organize how you will send it back to us form return. We believe in one-time business; be sure to include your specifications and any preferences including color of your order and you won’t be disappointed. While order processing is done as quickly as possible with at least 98% of orders getting shipped every day, quickly doesn’t mean rushing through. Your details and specifications on contact lenses are taken note.

Besides the exclusive products from the best manufacturers in the industry, we also consider people in need of contact lenses but are limited with funds. Specsavers, Boots, and Vision Express are also our partners in ensuring you correct your vision or achieve the cosmetic look you desire. These three manufacturing companies offer inexpensive contact lenses. Our company ensures everyone in society gets a fulfillment according to their capabilities. Whichever your reason for ordering, we make sure it is addressed to detail. The cheap contact lenses do not mean a lower quality. We don’t compromise on quality. The cheaper contact lenses you get form us are re-packaged as an optician own brand, which is easily available hence low cost.


Our 10 year experience in the industry is enough to give you confidence on us. We know what you want. Currently, we are dealing with at least 1 million lenses of different brands on a daily basis. These brands include; Frequency, Avaira, FreshLook, Pure Vision, SoftLens, Biofinity and Air optics. In comparison with high streets, our prices are 70% cheaper with additional delivery services. you can’t afford to miss on our quality products at affordable prices. Besides free delivery, give you a 10% off your first order.

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