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What are the Newest Trends in Internet Marketing 2019?

The internet marketing landscape is a dynamic place where hot trends that used to be effective a few years back are nothing but just mere memories in the present.

Before, you can easily grow your following by just churning out social media posts. Today, however, you need to interact with your customers because failure to do so will only make you fall behind your competitors.

This 2019, there are several internet marketing trends that businesses are using to stay on top of the game.

Artificial Intelligence

Many people regard AI or artificial intelligence as cutting edge technology. AI has a long list of potential applications in internet marketing. This 2019, Ai is starting to be deployed in customer service, advertising, and content marketing. But don’t worry because AI isn’t set to make content marketer jobs obsolete.

AI is primarily used to drum up data, identify trends, and perform competitor research. It is likely that AI is going to generate the majority of online content. Just take note that inbound content that relies on authenticity and personality may not be its strongest suit. AI may help generate reporting at first but humans will still be in charge of making this content more relatable.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel is the term you often hear today but this is more than a simple buzzword. The easiest way to comprehend what omnichannel is all about is by comparing this to multichannel.

With a multichannel marketing strategy, you will set up different marketing touchpoints that reinforce one another to ease customers through the purchasing journey. Omnichannel is something similar but this time, it is more universal.

Omnichannel marketing strategy basically means you come up with marketing touchpoints working together on all available channels. You produce consistent touchpoints on all channels used by your customers.


You can now see chatbots everywhere, from social media feeds to mobile apps and business websites. They can perform numerous purposes although these are mostly used for answering simple questions or helping users achieve a simple task.

Among the most advanced forms of chatbots are used by many enterprise companies in the form of virtual assistants or digital concierges.

However, there are still many new uses that emerge where chatbots can come in handy such as shopping assistance, lead qualification, knowledgeable research, website browsing guidance, self-service, talent recruiting, and accessibility.

Small businesses can also use chatbots for greeting visitors, answering their questions, and pointing them towards making a purchase.


If you ever tried to create a buyer persona, for sure, personalization is familiar to you.

A big chunk of the population consider personalized marketing content to be somewhat or very appealing a couple of years ago. Most consumers claim that there is a higher chance for them to purchase from the same company again if they had a personalized shopping experience with it. Marketing personalization offers a lot of benefits such as increased brand loyalty, better experiences among customers, more revenue, brand consistency, and cross-channel selling opportunities.

These are only some of the internet marketing trends that rose to popularity in 2019. Indeed, the best is yet to come in this ever-changing landscape!


How to Start a Piano Store

Running a piano store is a lucrative business idea so it is not really surprising that more and more people are interested to know how to start one.

If you are a piano enthusiast or you just want to have a business of your own, a piano store is something you might want to consider. To help you get started with your venture, this guide is meant to make the process simpler and easier for you.

Consider These Factors Before You Start a Piano Store

Before putting up your own piano store in your community, you first have to check whether there is really a need for such a business or not. Does your community have a lot of piano enthusiasts? Could you expect to get high sales enough to cover the costs of your day to day operations? If these questions both get a yes for an answer, then, it might really be a wise idea to open your own piano shop.

You might also want to add piano maintenance as well as other related services. This way, if pianos require any repair or if someone wishes to rent a piano, you will become the number one go-to all in one shop of customers. It is also important for you to choose the best location of your shop and ensure that you come up with a business plan that will serve as your guide for the daily operations of your business.

It will also be better if you can sell various models and types of pianos. This way, your customers can choose from more options. Just remember that doing so also means a bigger investment but it will definitely be worth it. You will also require a bigger sore because as you know, pianos take up a lot of space, not to mention that you also need to designate a special section for repair.

For your piano repair services, it is advisable to start a low scale first, such as minor tuning, repairs, and affordable supplies. Repairs can be done in the store or you can also offer on-site repair services, particularly if the customers live far from your shop.

Other Pointers to Remember

It is important to register your digital piano store. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the store or location itself, leasing it is a good alternative. You also need to think about your monthly expenses such as utilities and overhead costs. You can never just count on your local customers to be your sole market and target audience.

You also need to launch your own website as it will let you reach out to more customers from different parts of the country or even different corners of the world. You can increase your chances to be successful if you will be able to reach more customers. When you have a website, you also need to plan your payment and shipping terms, particularly for customers who live overseas.

You see, a piano store is an exciting venture that will surely bring you great returns on investment in no time at all!

Celebrity Houses with Patios

The patio is usually the best way of showcasing outdoor areas money can buy as often seen in celebrity houses. This can feature a pool, a state of the art outdoor kitchen, other add-ons such as a basketball court and meditation garden, and of course, a stunning view of the entire landscape.

This is why it is interesting to encounter celebrity houses that choose to keep things low key with their patio area included. There are some patios that don’t really take up lots of space but manage to add charm and character to the house. It all boils to the fact that there are different sizes and shapes of patios and not only celebrities but even ordinary people can add them to their own homes. At the end of the day, everyone deserves a great place where you can bask under the warmth of the sun and enjoy the cool breeze.

If you are looking for some excellent inspirations for your patio, there are several dreamy patios in celebrity houses where top stars spend their outdoor activities.

Zendaya’s Patio is Always Ready for Parties

As a designer, you can expect that Zendaya is well-versed when it comes to real estate. Together with the sparkling swimming pool and spa, the backyard of Zendaya’s first-ever mansion boasts of a covered patio, built-in barbeque, and a wet bar. This is truly fit for its 20-year old owner.

Admire the Dreamy Patio of Jared Leto

Jared Leto’s Hollywood Hills home looks more like his personal tropical sanctuary instead of your usual South California mansion.  Aside from the lagoon-inspired swimming pool and spa and lush landscaping, the backyard also boasts a massive wrap-around patio ideal for entertaining guests.

Santigold’s Secret Garden is a Subject of Envy

After listing her whimsical townhouse in Brooklyn not too long ago, it is not a surprise that Santigold was able to make her place look hip and chic. But, what is most stunning is her cool flagstone patio and scenic backyard garden, something that is a true legend and myth in the midst of New York City.

Fall in Love with the Stylish Patio Lounge of Jane Fonda

The Beverly Hills mansion of actress-activist Jane Fonda brims with amenities that are all eco-friendly. Aside from the bamboo floors, solar-powered electric panels, and glass windows, her backyard also features a meditation garden, solar-powered pool, a covered lounge, and viewing terraces perfect for admiring the sunset.

Take Inspiration from the Palatial Patio of Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan is well-versed when it comes to flipping a house. Aside from the major revamp of the interior of her Brentwood Trad-style house, the star also forged a stunning entertaining area in her scenic backyard. Think swimming pool, spa, a detached guesthouse, and a fire pit.

Marvel at the Brooklyn Backyard of Lake Bell

The four-story Brooklyn brownstone of Lake Bell is as equally adorable as her and her husband. The house has an over the top backyard, composed of an entertaining patio, outdoor fireplace, terraced garden, a century-old mulberry tree, and fountain.

Tips on Planting Buffalo Grass for your Lawn

It is always calming to be surrounded by a beautiful sea of greens. There is something to it that radiates calmness, tranquillity, and even abundant life.

One of the best ways to achieve that is to plant your lawn with turf and plants. Here are some great tips to start lushing your yard with rich green buffalo grass.

Best time to plant Buffalo grass


Seeding, sodding or plugging for buffalo grass around 18-20 degrees Celsius in springtime is ideal. A good amount of rain is beneficial for newly planted sod or plug installation to grow roots in the soil quickly. If you plant using seeds, the germination process can only take seven days to complete in favourable conditions. Since the warm season is more on rising temperatures, spring is the best time for seedlings to grow.


Buffalo grass loves the bright sunshine. The peak growth is between 29-35 degrees Celsius, around 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit. The buffalo needs plenty of water to avoid drying in your seeded lawn. Keep the topsoil moist, but not wet, will flourish the grass during the heat of summer. The moisture will allow the roots to mature stronger, growing deeper combats drying and stress. Shallow roots are prone to accidental soil detachment during ploughing, or when used by pets and kids that may cause damages.

Avoid planting buffalo grass on autumn since it’s too cold for the seeds to mature correctly.

Tips for growing buffalo grass successfully:

Proper seed selection.

Every year they discover and introduce new varieties of seeds. If you want to know the mainstay varieties, these are Sapphire buffalo, Palmetto buffalo, King’s Pride buffalo, and Shade master buffalo. If you wanted to have a good seedling or grass to lay, there are a lot of suppliers available.

Proper lawn preparation.

Spreading the seeds properly to get good seeds to the soil is essential. Before planting the seeds, remove all the weeds as much as possible. Lightly till the soil so that you can take off most of the roots of the weeds and this will be good to cover the buffalo seeds.

After spreading the seeds, rake your lawn to spread evenly. Then pack the soil using a mower or a tractor to get good seed to soil contact. Water the newly planted seeds liberally for the first time, followed by frequent light watering until the new seeds germinate. The whole process may take 7 – 14 days.

Sunshine and lots of it.

Buffalo grass needs at least six hours of direct sunlight per day, plus the soil needs to have good drainage. Periodic standing water is an enemy as well as shaded areas. It can grow, but you will not be happy with the appearance.

Maintaining buffalo grass after planting.

Weeds should always be pulled off, or you can buy a weed killer in your closest gardening store. If you want to apply some fertilizer, you can do so.

Buffalo grass is valuable turf to any open sunny areas that you and your family can enjoy for a long time.

Pros and Cons of On-line Shopping for Towbars, Bullbars and Winches

When we say shopping, it was remarkably different back then. The traditional way of shopping includes dressing up, driving to the store, a lot of walking while pushing carts, a long queue of lines in the cashier and carrying it back to your car. Now when we say shopping, a magical word “online” does it for them. Who could blame them? Online shopping became one of the most sought things. This affects all things that anyone can purchase. You can buy the basics like food and clothing. You may shop for necessities like pieces of furniture,  appliances and automobiles. You can even indulge yourself with gadgets, pieces of jewellery and booking trips to anywhere in the world. It improved our way of living significantly.

If ever you wanted to buy accessories for your ute, 4WD or car chances are online shops for towbars and other accessories available round the clock. That’s why we list some pros and cons for those shoppers.


Pros: this is a major factor why online shopping is starting to boom. The clear fact that you can go shopping at 4 am, in the middle of a winter storm, wearing your pyjamas says it all. You can purchase anything, anytime, anywhere as long as an internet connection is present. You can order that bull bar from Sydney even though you live in Perth and have it delivered at your doorstep in a couple of days.

Cons: Physically touching the product is out of the question. Once you order online, you can’t fit a shoe or smell the scent of perfume.

Another cons is physical exertion. It’s always a plus for anyone to walk and move and carry a bit of load. You will maintain the flexibility of your joint and not to mention the integrity of your heart.


Pros: discounts are widely common in online shops. It is a strategy to attract more buyers. You can even compare towbar prices at different shops without the hassle of calling each store. Inquiring about the product is easier than ever.

Cons: Cost is not everything, quality is also needed especially if you’re buying car accessories. Some online stores are selling imitations. If you can buy the product nearby, better purchase it there than save a few bucks but won’t last.

Wide Selection

Pros: Shopping online is unlimited. You can get products from all over the globe. Some items that are sold out in your country can be shipped from other places.  In addition, most of the products description are listed together with the price and image. Colours, finish and sizes are always included.

Cons: Having too many options can sometimes overwhelm you. If the product you wanted needs shipping from other countries, you need to wait a month or two before the arrival. If you need it urgently, shop locally or pay extra for faster delivery. Defective items are also common when shipping from afar.

Other factors

If you’re not heavily invested on the net chances are you won’t have any account in Paypal or other online payment.

You can always choose to pay with a credit card but sometimes underhanded stores don’t deliver the exact product or worse won’t give the item at all. It’s safer to pay Cash on Delivery (COD).

There are many ways to shop for what we need. Everyone has their own circumstance just remember to choose to buy products where the pros outweigh the cons.

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