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Turn Everyone You Meet Into Your Own Business Clients

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For some people, it might seem impossible to turn people they meet into their business clients. But, what they don’t know is that it’s achievable. Networking is a famous and new word around the globe. There are countless of topics on how you must be proactive and be on the lookout for professional partners and clients everywhere you go, whether it is attending professional conference or going to any alumni meeting.

Nevertheless, for many people, this all ends with get tons of business cards or in some cases connecting on LinkedIn and Facebook. Then, you end up having a long contact list and forgetting who to approach for some situations. This is the reason why you’ll find tips from professional virtual assistants useful on how to make use of the web systems for organizing the new contacts and turning them into your new clients. Thus, once you find yourself getting lost among various EMS and CRM systems and there’s still no organized processed to keep in touch with your potential clients, there are some tips you may consider.

You have to bear in mind that getting clients is all about meeting people virtually or in person, building relationships to determine the like, the know, and the trust factor. Repeating this process will help you in the long run as you continue meeting new people.

To make that process much easier, there are some things you should do and these include the following:

  • Make a system to nurture the new contacts.
  • Use the right tools meant for such tasks like a CRM.

A CRM is basically a database to manage, analyze, and record customer data and interactions through customer life cycle. Everyone you meet can be your leads and show interest in your business. These can be your potential clients and for them to be your clients, you have to track all your interactions. Your goal is to track email, text, phone, and social media conversations, drive sales growth, help in customer retention, improve business relationship with the customers, and nurture relationships with prospects.

The process to use CRM includes:

  • Store names and email addresses in EMS or email marketing system.
  • Consider using an email list to help future and potential clients to know more about who you are and what you do.
  • Get permission to add somebody to your list of email in an EMS through asking some clients to download free giveaway, to buy one of your products or services, and attend free webinars.

How It Works?

You may set up a system that you could do yourself or better yet outsource to the virtual assistant who completes the tasks that have been approved by you.

The Results

  • You’re building relationships because you asked the questions about them that showed personal interest.
  • Your email list will grow with people who are interested in your products and services. They also gave you permission to market to them.

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