Celebrity Houses with Patios

The patio is usually the best way of showcasing outdoor areas money can buy as often seen in celebrity houses. This can feature a pool, a state of the art outdoor kitchen, other add-ons such as a basketball court and meditation garden, and of course, a stunning view of the entire landscape.

This is why it is interesting to encounter celebrity houses that choose to keep things low key with their patio area included. There are some patios that don’t really take up lots of space but manage to add charm and character to the house. It all boils to the fact that there are different sizes and shapes of patios and not only celebrities but even ordinary people can add them to their own homes. At the end of the day, everyone deserves a great place where you can bask under the warmth of the sun and enjoy the cool breeze.

If you are looking for some excellent inspirations for your patio, there are several dreamy patios in celebrity houses where top stars spend their outdoor activities.

Zendaya’s Patio is Always Ready for Parties

As a designer, you can expect that Zendaya is well-versed when it comes to real estate. Together with the sparkling swimming pool and spa, the backyard of Zendaya’s first-ever mansion boasts of a covered patio, built-in barbeque, and a wet bar. This is truly fit for its 20-year old owner.

Admire the Dreamy Patio of Jared Leto

Jared Leto’s Hollywood Hills home looks more like his personal tropical sanctuary instead of your usual South California mansion.  Aside from the lagoon-inspired swimming pool and spa and lush landscaping, the backyard also boasts a massive wrap-around patio ideal for entertaining guests.

Santigold’s Secret Garden is a Subject of Envy

After listing her whimsical townhouse in Brooklyn not too long ago, it is not a surprise that Santigold was able to make her place look hip and chic. But, what is most stunning is her cool flagstone patio and scenic backyard garden, something that is a true legend and myth in the midst of New York City.

Fall in Love with the Stylish Patio Lounge of Jane Fonda

The Beverly Hills mansion of actress-activist Jane Fonda brims with amenities that are all eco-friendly. Aside from the bamboo floors, solar-powered electric panels, and glass windows, her backyard also features a meditation garden, solar-powered pool, a covered lounge, and viewing terraces perfect for admiring the sunset.

Take Inspiration from the Palatial Patio of Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan is well-versed when it comes to flipping a house. Aside from the major revamp of the interior of her Brentwood Trad-style house, the star also forged a stunning entertaining area in her scenic backyard. Think swimming pool, spa, a detached guesthouse, and a fire pit.

Marvel at the Brooklyn Backyard of Lake Bell

The four-story Brooklyn brownstone of Lake Bell is as equally adorable as her and her husband. The house has an over the top backyard, composed of an entertaining patio, outdoor fireplace, terraced garden, a century-old mulberry tree, and fountain.