What are the Newest Trends in Internet Marketing 2019?

The internet marketing landscape is a dynamic place where hot trends that used to be effective a few years back are nothing but just mere memories in the present.

Before, you can easily grow your following by just churning out social media posts. Today, however, you need to interact with your customers because failure to do so will only make you fall behind your competitors.

This 2019, there are several internet marketing trends that businesses are using to stay on top of the game.

Artificial Intelligence

Many people regard AI or artificial intelligence as cutting edge technology. AI has a long list of potential applications in internet marketing. This 2019, Ai is starting to be deployed in customer service, advertising, and content marketing. But don’t worry because AI isn’t set to make content marketer jobs obsolete.

AI is primarily used to drum up data, identify trends, and perform competitor research. It is likely that AI is going to generate the majority of online content. Just take note that inbound content that relies on authenticity and personality may not be its strongest suit. AI may help generate reporting at first but humans will still be in charge of making this content more relatable.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel is the term you often hear today but this is more than a simple buzzword. The easiest way to comprehend what omnichannel is all about is by comparing this to multichannel.

With a multichannel marketing strategy, you will set up different marketing touchpoints that reinforce one another to ease customers through the purchasing journey. Omnichannel is something similar but this time, it is more universal.

Omnichannel marketing strategy basically means you come up with marketing touchpoints working together on all available channels. You produce consistent touchpoints on all channels used by your customers.


You can now see chatbots everywhere, from social media feeds to mobile apps and business websites. They can perform numerous purposes although these are mostly used for answering simple questions or helping users achieve a simple task.

Among the most advanced forms of chatbots are used by many enterprise companies in the form of virtual assistants or digital concierges.

However, there are still many new uses that emerge where chatbots can come in handy such as shopping assistance, lead qualification, knowledgeable research, website browsing guidance, self-service, talent recruiting, and accessibility.

Small businesses can also use chatbots for greeting visitors, answering their questions, and pointing them towards making a purchase.


If you ever tried to create a buyer persona, for sure, personalization is familiar to you.

A big chunk of the population consider personalized marketing content to be somewhat or very appealing a couple of years ago. Most consumers claim that there is a higher chance for them to purchase from the same company again if they had a personalized shopping experience with it. Marketing personalization offers a lot of benefits such as increased brand loyalty, better experiences among customers, more revenue, brand consistency, and cross-channel selling opportunities.

These are only some of the internet marketing trends that rose to popularity in 2019. Indeed, the best is yet to come in this ever-changing landscape!