Small Business Ideas to Start in 2020

Living in the 21st century is full of goals and ideas for everyone. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and if we could get a better opportunity, we should grab it. Here is a list of small businesses you can start in 2020.

Product Reviewer

Okay, this may sound impossible for some, but it’s not that difficult. Think of something that you are familiar with, perhaps shoes, bags, toys for kids or adults, or instant noodles. Next, write some good things and not so favorable things about that product. That’s it! Well, at least the gist of it. Then you may ask some products endorsers and begin your career as a product reviewer.

Specialty Cuisine

You may have heard of a burger connoisseur in a country that opens for only five people a night. He prepares, cook and serves in front of those five customers and that’s it. He doesn’t ask for a specific pay instead ask his customers how much they want to pay him. As a result, he was booked for almost three months every day, and if you want to visit and try his burger, you might be waiting for at least 90 days. The point, if you are good at cooking a specific meal that’s an excellent opportunity to start.

Web Designer

With the help of the newest tools in web design such as Elementor, WordPress or Divi, web designing can be a good opportunity for you. You can try on free versions of this software and watch online tutorials on how to use them. It’s that simple, with some practice and a lot of hard work, you can start designing websites as your start-up business.

Online Tutor

Being an online tutor is one of the biggest online jobs today. You can be teaching conversational English to students, or any language you know very well. You can teach art, cook and even higher learning such as Anatomy and Physiology. The list is unending with being a tutor, and there is a big chance you know one or two things to teach someone.

Health Instructor

Yoga, Zumba, Taichi, Pilates these are but some of the many available options for health buffs now. More people are trying to be healthy or health-conscious now, and if you are experienced in areas such as these, you might want to start opening your business ASAP.


As the number of elderly population increases, so is the demand for caregivers. Essential knowledge for childcare is also a plus if you want to start a nursing facility.

Online Seller

With the success of online markets and other online platforms now. You may want to try and use these ideas and innovation. Start to sell products in a social media platform like Facebook or place products using Amazon.